Welcome to the California Cannabis Industry Association

California's Collective Voice for the Cannabis Industry

CCIA was formed to unite the cannabis industry in California and to allow it to speak with one voice at the state and local levels. We strive to educate and act as a resource to lawmakers regarding all areas of the cannabis industry. We are also dedicated to addressing issues related to driving under the influence, unlawful diversion to minors, and substance abuse.


Our Mission

To promote the growth of a responsible and legitimate cannabis industry and work for a favorable social, economic, and legal environment for our industry in the state of California.


The California Cannabis Industry Association was founded on the principle of strength in numbers. The thousands of California businesses involved in our state-legal cannabis industry represent a significant economic force. As the industry's only state trade association, CCIA works everyday to ensure our burgeoning business sector is represented in a professional and coordinated way at the state level.

The Benefits of Membership

You don’t always have the time to keep track of California’s political process because you are busy maintaining and improving your business and staying competitive in an ever-changing market. Everyday while you are at work doing what you do best, 120 legislators and hundreds of regulatory agencies are trying to change the playing field without your input. CCIA acts as your eyes, ears and voice on issues affecting the cannabis industry in Sacramento.

Preparation for the state regulatory process

By joining CCIA you will have first-hand insight into the upcoming regulatory process that is being created right now. We will give you the information you need to make sure you are first in line when the time comes to fill out an application for the state regulation system. 





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Our Values

CCIA publicly advocated for the unique needs of the emerging cannabis industry and defends against threats to the legal market for cannabis-related products.

CCIA is the state's only industry-led organization engaging in legislative efforts to expand and further legitimize the legal cannabis market in California

CCIA endorses an open and democratic process that allows members to choose the board of directors through annual elections

CCIA hosts regular educational and networking events to strengthen the cannabis business community and foster important industry relationship. 


What we are working on right now

State Regulatory Structure for California’s Cannabis Industry

The California State legislature has passed regulations for the medical marijuana industry. We are working with elected officials and stakeholders to be a resource of information for the cannabis industry. 

Business Networking

CCIA hosts legislative updates and other networking events that allow you to connect with other like-minded business professional in the industry.

Industry Professionalization

CCIA is actively working with our members to help them professionalize and find solutions to business issues that California's cannabis industry face everyday.


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