CCIA Committees

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California Cannabis Industry Association committees are the vehicle for voice in the process of policy paper development. Members of our committees are revered as industry experts and voices of authority on industry-specific challenges and best practices. CCIA’s Board of Directors looks to committee members for crucial insight and feedback that plays an integral role in educating decision makers and the general public. Joining a CCIA committee is an extraordinary way to partner with experts in your field to influence the rules and regulations that govern the fast growing cannabis industry.

Our committees are open to all members at the Business and Executive level.


Legislative | Chair - Juli Crockett, MMLG

Our Legislative committee is one of our most active and vibrant committees. We review all current legislation and regulations and advocate on behalf of our members. This group functions as a legislative information hub that allows for inclusive, productive discussions and feedback from our legislative team.  

Manufacturing | Chair - Chris Coggen, Therapy Tonics

Our Manufacturing Committee works to assist in developing and refining the complex regulations that pertain to manufacturing. This committee plays a vital role in creating crucial white papers and has taken on the task of creating educational materials on best practices and consumer safety, as well as materials that address child safety specifically.

Agriculture | Co-Chair - Kristin Nevedal, Humboldt's Finest & Dr. Rob Flannery

CCIA’s Agricultural Committee is tasked with making significant contributions by way of regulatory comment on behalf of cultivators throughout the state. Advocating and educating on behalf of indoor, outdoor, nursery sites and more, from Siskiyou County to San Diego County. This committee helps to highlight the concerns and interests of CCIA cultivators and those who understand the importance of cultivation in the supply chain.

Retail & Delivery | Chair - Sabrina Frendrick, BPG

CCIA’s  Retail & Delivery Committee takes both a preemptive and responsive approach to legislative challenges by developing thorough comment and reasonable solutions. CCIA’s Retail and Delivery Committee also works to develop draft ordinances to be used as an aid for members working with local municipalities.

Distribution | Chair - Chris Boudreau, Sunstone Distribution

CCIA’s Distribution Committee has endured an intense legislative year. The distribution committee is a voice of practicality and experience that has proven to be both resilient and steadfast in the work of responsible regulation. Mandatory distribution created a need for crucial input from CCIA members, we anticipate significant growth in this particular committee.

Insurance | Chair - Mike Aberle, Next Wave Insurance

CCIA’s Insurance Committee is tasked with developing educational materials and webinars for both policy providers and holders. To ensure the committee’s success they have an established advisory board including members from the California Department of Insurance. With the new regulatory landscape taking effect, the is committee will play an ever-increasing role in securing California’s cannabis industry businesses.  

Diversity & Inclusion | Co-Chairs Amy Poinsett, MJ Freeway & Swetha Kaul, Cannalysis Labs

This committee is focused on fostering professional mentor-mentee relationships between industry pioneers of all backgrounds and their fellow CCIA Members from minority communities. It also works to encourage CCIA Members from minority communities to join other CCIA committees, volunteer for committee chair positions, and run for election to the CCIA Board. We also work with companies to diversify the ranks of their C-level executives, in-house legal departments, and upper management so that California’s cannabis industry reflects the diversity of its consumer base.

Human Resources | Chair - Dean Rocco, Wilson Elser

The HR/Workforce Committee is focused on developing standardizing Benefits/Workforce Planning Compliance and Best Employment Practices for the industry. Some of the tasks the committee is addressing: HR & PR Education and Training, Designing robust Job Descriptions that are legally vetted, Compensation & Benefits Best Practices, CA New Hire Compliance Requirements, CA Wage and Hour Requirements paired with proper payroll processing Employment Law, and Insurance (EPLI, PL, Health, Worker’s comp etc).

Intellectual Property | Co-Chairs Reggie Gauldino, SteepHill Labs & Tom Zuber, Zuber Law

The Intellectual Property Committee provides a forum for discussion relating to patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret issues specific to the cannabis space.  The goal of the committee will include educating members and providing resources relating to growing and protecting intellectual property assets and drafting licensing agreements and other intellectual deals, and preparing for and managing intellectual property litigation.  

Quality Control | Co-Chairs Reggie Gauldino, SteepHill Labs & Swetha Kaul, Cannalysis Labs

The Quality Control Committee is focused on the practical application of the rules and regulations as they pertain to testing labs and the cannabis industry. This committee offers insight into best practices for testing labs and quality control issues, it also functions as an educational arm of the association. The committee is primarily attended by testing labs, scientists, and manufacturers.


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